How to do Metal Coping Try In?

  • Lab delivers Custom Abutments on the Model and Metal Coping
  • Do not mix the location of Abutments
  • Remove Abutment from the model and put it into the patient mouth, then check if Metal coping fit to the Custom Abutment* Do this procedure 1 Abutment by 1 Abutment in sequence. If you put all Abutments to the patient mount first, it will be very difficult to find issues during Coping Try In.

    ** If you find some issue on some abutment, remove that Abutment from the mouth. Then finish the procedure of Coping Try-In

  • If some Abutments do not fit  Metal Coping, section Metal Coping and lute sectioned Metal Coping inside the patient mouth by using Pattern Resin (best product) or Duralay (not recommendable but ok). Do not use Temporary Resin because it will not make sectioned Metal Coping lute together
    Then take Pick-Up impression with luted Metal Coping
  • If Metal Coping fits ok, no impression needed
  • Take a Bite (use Bluemoose). We provide stopper on the Metal Coping for a reference

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