Megacis Dental Laboratories is full service dental laboratory with  highly skilled technicians

and over 10,000 sq feet for state-of-the-art equipment and skilled staff.

Our laboratory produces hundreds of restorations every day, and  happy to work with clients around the states

to provide them the best prosthetics for their patients.

The founding of Megacis began in year of 2000 with owner Young Dong Chung who had previously spent 35 years as a dental technician

 in other high-end laboratories .Young Dong Chung knew he could provide prostheses in a more efficient and cost-savings manner for

dentists and their patients, so he studied advanced dental technology and later applied the best of what he had learned during his work

 experience to found Elegant Dental Laboratories.

Over 35 years of experience has allowed Megacis Dental Lab to grow its repertoire of the field’s most respected brands, including

 IPS e.max, Bruxzir,Zirconia, and many more. The laboratory even produces its own Full Contour, Anterior, Zirconia using the best

 of what our team has learned throughout the decades. Partials, implants, abutments, and other restorations are all produced at

 Megacis Dental Lab, and we hope you will consider our lab for your dental fabrication needs.

  • Implant Restoration Specialist & Solution Provider, including Dentures
  • 35 year experience in dental lab
  • Provide various seminars to dentists and lab technicians: AO4/5/6+  Restoration, Computer Guided Surgery, Intra Oral Scanning, Designing Custom Abutments and Hybrid Bars, Immediate Conversion, etc.
  • Authorized dealer of Arum Digital Dentistry Solution,Arum CAD & Milling Machine, MEDIT Scanner
  • Certified R2 Digital Center for Computer Generated Surgical Template
  • Clinical Study Partner Lab of Dental School & Implant Manufacturer
  • Partner Dental Lab of Implant Manufacturers
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